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The Rich Soils of Success

Steph shares and talks about one her favorite quotes from Robert Lewis Stevenson

God's Plan for you

Steph talks about how God's plan isn't always easy.

Life is like 2 Rails on a track

Steph talks about how no matter how bad things are going there are also an equal amount of good things happening at the same time!

Get Started!

Steph talks about getting started and relates it to the scripture "Well Done Good and Faithful Servant"!

God is Good All The Time

And talks about how God is good all the time, and all the time, God is Good!

The Importance of Mentorship

Andy talks about both finding a mentor as well as looking for ways where you can be a mentor too!

God's not done with you!

Steph talks about how we are God's work in progress.

Don't let anyone steal your dreams!

Steph talks about the mindset for staying focused on your dreams.

​When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Andy talks about the importance of having a child like spirit and trying new things.

​When things fail around you, you still have prayer.

Steph Shares a simple prayer to use whenever you are praying.

Handling Your Disappointments

Andy shares with us how important it is to be disciplined in how we react to and handle our disappointments.

How To Be Persistent in Life

Steph talks about the importance of persistence in all we do and how important it is to a successful life.

The Law of Sacrifice

In todays video Andy talks about Independence Day and the Law of Sacrifice.

How To Enjoy Every Moment in Life

Steph talks about how seeing the magic in every moment will help get the most out of each experience. Learn how to enjoy every moment in life!

Cause a Ripple Effect!

Andy talks about how by doing one random act of kindness every day, we can cause a positive impact in the world. Start causing a ripple effect in peoples lives today!

How to Reach Your Dreams

Steph talks about how you are a Rock Star and nothing or no one should hold you back from reaching your dreams! You all have untapped potential and can make your dreams come true. Aim for greatness everyone!

Don't be afraid of Failure

Steph talks about the importance of persistence in all we do and how important it is to a successful life.

Setting Goals for Yourself

Andy talks about the 3 types of goals you need to set for yourself and how to achieve them. There is only one life for us to live and it is vital that we achieve what we want during it.